All Members of your organization and teams participating in the game or tournament must follow the following terms and conditions: (Coaches, Players, Volunteers and Spectators)
No "soft toss" or peppering against fences.  This causes fencing to bow out creating a hazard.  Do not allow children to climb up fencing, batting cages, trees, and/or dugouts.
No alcoholic bevearges allowed in complex.  Players or spectators under the influence of alcohol will be removed from the complex and the tournament.

Person using vulgarity at the complex whether player or spectator will be removed from the premises for the remainder of the day.

Any Player, coaches or spectators involved in fighting will be removed from the game and premises for the rest of the day.

Any individual, player, or spectator involved in a threatening way to a supervisor or umpire will be removed from the tournament and the complex indefinitely.

No unsportsmanlike conduct will be allowed.

NO GRILLS are allowed in the park.  

Dogs are allowed on the complex but they must be on a leash and be cleaned up after.

No Weapons of any kind are allowed on the complex.